The Book I Wrote Just for You--Time to Make: Throw Yourself at Your Creative Life. Don't Wait.

BPF's (my dear, dear bloggish people friends), I wrote a book for you. And your friends. And all of the people you and I know who we wish were letting themselves spend lots of time making things. If you've been reading here, you know I've been working on it for about a year and a half. And so here it is, friends. Please do go get it. It absolutely emerged out of five years worth... Read more →

Barbie Is Finally Un-Naked, And She's Evicted Her Neighbors.

It's about time. I'm sure you agree. About her nakedness--not that inevitable eviction of the short, brunette dolls that had been inhabiting the dollhouse before she returned from our camping trip with her new vintage sheet wardrobe and an apparently quite entitled attitude about her place in the house. It was raining so hard in Utah, and there we were in our tent trailer (testing out its weather-worthiness in thunder and lightning and hail)--and it... Read more →

Where I Concede that a Vintage Tent Trailer Is Better Than a Bra. And Also That There Is a Santa.

RAMBLY OPENER Sometimes I dream Little. (For instance.) Other times I dream Big. But only sometimes. I have a tendency to reach for things that I know I can touch and skip the psychic muscle ache of the other stuff completely. TRANSITION TO MAIN IDEA THAT LINKS BRAS TO BIGGER THINGS (NOT BIGGER BRAS, BIGGER DREAMS) So when we started talking a few years back about wanting a tent trailer for the family, I surprised... Read more →

I Know Why Quilters Smoke

Now I know why all Quilters smoke like 3 packs a day* It's because of all these quilts that they feel like they really should make for everybody because they can. I've started to twitch, myself, every time somebody says they're pregnant. Thank the good lord hisself that only one dear friend and one relative is at this time currently about to pop. Because if anybody else I knows gets knocked up, I'm going to... Read more →

Where I Make A Movie About Making a Purse, At The End of Which You Will Probably Not Be Able To Make A Purse

I decided to videotape myself making something. Actually, it wasn't a decision--it was an event. I had the thought, "I wanna make a purse" and then I hit "record" and started talking. Here's a clip about the video piece, "Ginger Has An Idea About Making a Purse," to make you: A) Want to watch it B) Wonder why anyone would do this [especially in their Effectual PJ's] C) Want to go make something D) All... Read more →