You've Found Ginger Hendrix, Writer.

You've found Ginger Hendrix, Writer. Home of Wienerdog Tricks, Mannishly, Time to Make and a good list of other spots on the interwebs. If you'd like to work with me, that would be just lovely--I'm a solid writing coach. I've been helping writers get unstuck for about 20 years. Send me a quick email about where you are on your project. (Haven't started? Stuck in the middle? Having to face an old draft? Lost completely?)... Read more →

How Public Rejection Sucks

A couple of months back, I put up a free class on Skillshare, a sort of beginner's guide to getting started at the sewing machine. And, you know, I did it the Ginger way. Pulled in good gob of goofiness so that I could have fun doing it. Then yesterday, I got my first real, nasty kind of public comment about it. And, of course, there is the thing of how we always focus on... Read more →

Introducing Fay from Fargo

I've just slated myself to teach a class over at Skillshare and am employing the help of the much-loved Mary Lou Stevens Reed, and this new gem of a friend: Fay from Fargo. Meet Fay from Fargo from ginger hendrix on Vimeo. The Mega-Beginner class on sewing machine basics and fabric construction, called--so far--"Build with Fabric: Don't Sew" should be live for enrollment next month. The project: "Upgrade Your Ugly Pillows with Covers." Skillshare gives... Read more →

Introducing Mary Lou Stevens Reed

I realized that I could save GOBS of cash this Christmas if I just MADE SMALLER STOCKINGS. Omg I have been using stockings meant for giants for years now. And they're annoyingly expensive to fill. #momproblem. This 26 minutes video offers up step-by-step instructions for making a lINED Christmas you get to meet Mary Lou Stevens Reed, in her first cameo appearance in one my teaching videos. She's a keeper. Read more →

The Upside of DIY Publishing: Sometimes You Get A Tiny Piece of Dragon Novel Tucked In Your Book (Like a Prize)

I think I've landed on the term "DIY Publishing" to describe what I did with Time to Make . I used Amazon's Createspace, a fairly seamless print-on-demand service. I'm not crazy about calling it "self-publishing"--this has images of some guy paying gobs of cash to sneak his book out onto the market. It's just him and some Sneaky, Expensive, Non-Actual Publisher. That's not how this project went for me. I talked about it on my... Read more →