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Nov 30, 2009


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ashley mackirdy

I'd just like to say that I've seen that minature snowman apron in person and it is hard to explain how cute it is. So I won't try. But I will say, I love the idea of the apron kit b.c. as it turns out I hate measuring and cutting. Great idea wienerdog, great idea!


Cute cute cute fabric. I'd love to make that for little Annie-Rose!


What a generous giveaway. ANd the thought of not having to cut the pieces, that sounds like heaven! :-D Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely kit.


This is so fun!! Sign me up!! Both of my little ones love to cook with me. They'll have to share...


I want one, I want one!! Super cute, I love rescued fabric too!


You've really hit the big time now...your own kit give away. Will you still have time for me? haha! If I won, you could save yourself the shipping charges and just bring it to me!


Dang! I want to know if you have more of that snowman print! But I suppose I wouldn't turn one of the other fab kits down. And hey - if I win, free shipping! I'll come get it.

Simply Sarah

So cute! And you already done the tiresome cutting part for us! Thanks for the giveaway!


The apron kits are such a great idea! And the fabric is amazing, I love that it's repurposed. If I could, I would give one of these to every girl in my family!


I'd love to make one for my 2-year old. She loves putting one on when I bake or cook but could use one of her own instead of her big sisters!

Jonnie H

Brilliant idea! I would love to make one with my sons, they are very crafty!

Erin Leigh

Favorite quote of the day:
Go ditty or go home. so true.

jo 戎嶋

genius idea, I hate cutting out! I would get so much more sewn if I didn't have to tackle the cutting out!


What a generous giveaway;; I'd love to make that for my little grandson.The fabrics are wonderful


I now 3 little girls who would fight for such a apron !
Please, count me in !


oh how I love a good apron. the kits are a great idea...such an easy project to whip up! I'd love to gift one of these (finished) to my mother-in-law, the vintage apron collector!


I came across your blog from the main "Giveaway Day" list - the title caught my eye (I have a mini dachshund and I'm actually drinking coffee out of a mug with that same Far Side cartoon!!) - what a great giveaway! My 2 year old is starting to get involved in the kitchen - I am a very new sewer / stitcher (I knit) so if this kit could jump start my experience that would be great!


What a great giveaway, and I love the idea of using rescued fabric! My little guy is getting a handmade (by mom and dad) kitchen for Christmas and this apron would be perfect to go along with it.


Cute! I would make the apron for when my baby girl is bigger. And I would let her brothers use it, and any other kid friends that need an apron around here.


Oh how cute. I have a 3 yr old that would absolutely adore one.


I can't believe I missed the post about signing up for the giveaway day! Your aprons are adorable, and I thrilled that the pieces are all cut out already.

Erin D.

Neato! Thanks for participating. :)


how delightful! i love the rescued fabric idea - great for the environment!


How cool rescued or recycled, love that idea.


Thanks so much for sharing your generosity in the giveaway! Rescued fabric is a really neat idea. My older daughter is 5 and loves to help in the kitchen, the apron would be just perfect for her!


I love the idea of rescued fabric. My 2.5 year old daughter would love one of these 'akrons' (as she calls them) and I'd love to make one for her! xx


thanks for the offer!


I love the rescued fabric concept, the pre-cut ready-to-sew concept (meaning I don't have to spend 2 hours deciding if I want a bib apron or a waist-tie one because I will be happy with either). Would probably make it for a cousin's kid, if she thinks the boys will hold still long enough to bake!


Wow the kits are sooo cool. I also love saving fabric also!


I have a little girlie girl that would love one of these! Se's just starting to become interested in helping mommy in the kitchen!


Great giveaway!


That little apron is adorable! I was just talking to my daughter-in-law about Christmas ideas for the two youngest granddaughters and she mentioned "play food" for their kitchen area...aprons would be a nice addition to the gift!


What a cute little snowman apron! :) Makes me smile! I'd totally love an apron kit like that! Great giveaway.

Sarah Vee

Cute! I love the idea of a kit. I'm giving a kit too:) These aprons would become Christmas gifts, like, as soon as they arrived! Maybe I'll keep the rick rack though:)! Thanks for the chance.


hi what a great giveaway!!
i love red - it's my favourite colour


Your apron kits are darling. I would love to make an apron for my grandniece.
Red is her favourite colour.


This is a great giveaway. I'm a little sad the aprons are for little people, cause that means that they will be gifts for my niece and nephew and not for myself.


oh, i love your aprons. my little one has really gotten into her kitchen lately so even if i don't win, she is getting one! thank you!


There are days when a kit is perfect - I don't have to clear the cutting table!


so cute fabrics:) thanks for this giveaway


I just found your blog today and now I want to go get all my husbands old clothes that he would never miss and probably wouldn't even recognize it if I was to be wearing it as a garden apron....insert my evil laugh here. Thanks for the great give away.


I use rescued fabric, too, but I like yours better (none of mine is that festive, and the Christmas light s are getting to me). Thanks for the giveaway!


Cute cute cute.


Too cute! Count me in!


If I won... I would probably make it and keep it for my daughter to use a couple years down the line. Thanks for the opportunity have a wonderful Christmas!


Linda Ivey

What a darling apron. Do you not have a concern that the old fabric (from the 70's) might be dry rotted? Or have you not had this problem?


oh my, what cuteness!!!


Super cute! I hope I win!

Emilee Turner

How cute! I love that you "save" old fabric. That is what I do most of my sewing with, I like to buy new fabric too, but the majority of my stash is old fabric I have gotten from family and friends!
I love the idea of sewing something that is all ready to go. I don't have any little ones of my own, but I have some neighbors with little munchkins, so I am sure I could find a little lady to enjoy the adorable little Christmas apron!


Oh wow these are adorable!!!! I would love to win!! Thank you for the chance!


How sweet to rescue the material!! I did that too with my MIL fabric!

I would make aprons for my boys, they would LOVE it!


my daughter def needs an apron!

Heather S.

Oh, I can think of a couple of little girls who would LOVE a little apron to make Christmas cookies with their mom in the princess kitchen...


I like the 70s patchworky one - and I'm totally with you about rescued fabric, the thrift store is the best place for things like that.


Perfect for my daughter making Christmas cookies this year! Love that you use rescued cool!

Kelly O.

I'm loving the kit thing lately! it means I might actually start and finish a project! love the second set of fabric!
thanks for the chance to win!

cynthia sawyer

I was hoping you'd join the giveaway fun. I've been pining after your polyester dresses of yesteryear ever since you posted them. These aprons would be for my little girls. I'm always trying to interest them in my kitchen messes.


sweet ... i have little people. love the rescued fabric idea, i've upcycled a bit not sure if i could do it exclusively though


Those aprons are just adorable.


So cute! I'd make one (and then another from my stash) for my 2 year old twins.


Over Thanksgiving I just discovered my grandmother's scraps from all the dresses she made us when we were little. A treasure of memories. I love aprons and even if I don't win(hope I do) I think I'm going to go start one right now.


How absolutely adorably cute! I would make an apron for my four year old. And yes, I love the idea of an apron kit. Kits in general are very cool in my book.

Paula L.

The apron is soo cute! And I too use a lot of rescued fabric and love it. Thanks for the giveaway!
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com


Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! Too too cute!


super cute kits, you rescue that fabric girl!


I love the apron! i also have 3 girls that would love it. i already planned to make them aprons for christmas so if i win it will give me a head start


How cute are those! My daughter would LOVE one!

Sonja Greene

What a great idea. I love making aprons.


I love the apron kit idea. I actually don't have an apron, and have been meaning to do one, but other projects keep getting in the way. Would it be selfish to keep it for myself? ;)


I think this is a great idea. I love to sew projects but sometimes the measuring and cutting seems like the hardest part! I would make one for my daughter.

Gwendolen Gross

What a wonderful idea--apron kit. I love kits. I love aprons. I'd love to make one with my daughter! Thank you.


apron kits sound like a great idea for someone who just wants to sew something up and not have to do a lot of pick and choosing!

and rescued fabric, awesome :)


This would be so cute to make! thanks for the chance.

Katie B

Yea! Thanks for the chance to win. I'm off to see if I can rescue some fabric from my closet...


I love the apron idea my daughter would have loved one when she was little.


Cute aprons! My little niece would love one!

Grace Wong

the Red Vintage Bells with 70s Patchworky Accents is my favorite!


the apron kits are adorable. I'd probably make it for my 3 year old niece.

Tammy W.

How sweet, Rescued Fabric! I love the snowman apron...perfect for my new grandbaby!


Shucks, if only I was shorter I could make one for myself! Alas, it'd be my daughter who would be the recipient :) Thanks for a great giveaway!


Yeah, cute stuff for my little girl! I'm so glad for Sew Mama Sew, because now I have found your blog!
chelmert0927 at


These are very adorable, I like the one with the patchwork pieces, my 4 year old daughter would be so into this!
Thanks for the opportunity!


That apron is adorable and those fabrics are too. I love the idea of these apron kits. Will you be selling them after the giveaway? I will be making it for my daughter.

Rebecca Clarke

I looove aprons and my husband thinks they look kind of cute on me too. A kit sounds wonderful.


Cute! I love those Christmasy fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win!


Jessie Hansen

I think it's a great idea but I don't know who I would make it for. Hmm, maybe save it and make it for my Alice when she is a bit older than 2 months? Maybe my neices bday next month? we'll see.


Gosh - my daughter would love this. She is all about playing in the kitchen. She has a little mini-apron at her granny's and she love it. A christmas-y one would make her so happy.


Holy Cow! 87 comments...perhaps you should have been giving things away sooner! I think you've made the big time! Congratulations!


Those aprons are ADORABLE - I know so many little ones that would LOVE them! So cute!


I love the apron kit idea and my girls would love these aprons.

susan piluk

How cute! Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to play along!

Erin Hutchinson

I'm an apron wearer, and so are my two little helpers, Jason and Donald. I'd love to make even more aprons for them.


Thar she blows.


Thanks for a chance, making some dress up clothes for daughter for christmas!!


I love the idea of an apron kit. Cutting out the fabric is the most tedious part of sewing. If I won I'd find somebody with a kid and force them to accept my homemade gift, which they'd feel obligated to praise out of politeness.


Adorable idea and giveaway! Happen to cook and bake with 4 year old grand daughter a couple of times a week so this would be great.
Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Happy Holidays.


Janet A

How cute is this? I love recycling and deconstructing items to make something new. Thanks for the giveaway.

Deb D

Oh yes, rescued fabric is always great! I would make the aprons for my kids (who love to "help" me cook) or as birthday gifts for their friends :)


I am a HUGE fan of rescued fabric! I would make my little 2yo an apron because everything she owns is a hand-me-down from her big sister. And I have to say that I have laughed out loud 8 times already at this blog and all I read was the about me section and this post! Gonna add you to my reader!


Hi there
/cute cute cute
What a great idea to resuce fabric - (so much cheaper than a pair of shaggy schnauzers)
Thanks for the opportunity

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