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Victoria Stefanakos

love this. so much.


Can't wait to make it! Would also be great to put your clothespins in for ease of finding when hanging clothes out. May I post a link to this tutorial on my blog?

Thanks for sharing!


Thank you Thank you for the gardening apron tutorial - SO cute and useful and I have tons of old jeans to use on this. My daughter is going to love it for her gardening club at college!

Foxy Huntress

Now I know what to do with those pockets after I cut the jeans up. Great ideal, thanks!


I wish I had hours to go through your site, and then hours more to do everything you've done! I love it!

Jennifer Tracy

I think I'm going to make an apron. This is awesome.

Love this! I own a garden center, and am going to make these for all my girls! May I link this to my web site so when customers ask, I can make it easy for them to find it?


You betcha!


Wow, love these and enjoyed your tutorial. Thank you for your generosity!

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